Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Winter arrives in Two Egg, Florida

If you think it never gets cold in Florida, think again! We are experiencing a nice dose of winter here in Two Egg. As I write this at around 8:30 p.m., the thermometer is showing 27 degrees and and temperatures are expected to deep into the teens tonight. As Floridians like to say, that is "pipe busting weather" this far South.

It brings to mind a couple of events from my childhood. When I was four or five years old, I remember we had a freeze in Two Egg with temperatures dipping to within a degree or two of 0. I remember it well because the ponds and lakes froze completely over and my father had to use an axe to chop up the ice so the livestock could get water.

The biggest snowfall I recall in Two Egg was the one that hit during the winter of (I think) 1974. We had an all night snow that left an accumulation of 8 inches on the ground. It actually drifted up on fence rows and took days to melt. I've lived in many areas of the country where 8 inches of snow didn't really cause major problems, but take my word for it, an 8 inch snow in Two Egg, Florida, is a big deal!

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