Thursday, February 17, 2011

Both Two Egg books now available as Kindle downloads!

I'm pleased to announce that both of my books about Two Egg, Florida are now available for download for your Amazon Kindle!

Kindle is the e-reader from, but if you don't have one you can download the software for free for use on your computer, Ipad, smart phone, etc., at  I was given one for Christmas two years ago and have found it to be a great way to read books at discounted prices. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to find they have huge collection of historical works available for 99 cents each and under.

The most recent book is my first attempt at fiction, A Christmas in Two Egg, Florida: A Short Novel of Redemption. Published late last year, it is set at Christmas time in Two Egg, but is more a novel of redemption than it is anything else. With a definite Christian theme, I think you would find it to be interesting reading at any time of the year. It is available in print form for $9.95 by either clicking the ad on the upper right of this page or visiting Chipola River Book & Tea in Downtown Marianna (across the street from the Battle of Marianna Monument). You can download the Kindle version instantly for only 99 cents by clicking the ad above at left.

The earlier book, Two Egg, Florida: A Collection of Ghost Stories, Legends and Unusual Facts, is a unique collection of the "stories behind the stories" of how Two Egg got its name and some of Northwest Florida's favorite other legends. In addition to the true story of the naming of Two Egg, the book delves into the stories of the Ghost of Bellamy Bridge, the Washington County Volcano, Two-Toe Tom (alligator monster), the West Florida Swamp Booger (Bigfoot), the Fiddling Ghost of Boynton Island, the Garden of Eden and more.  The print version can be ordered at the upper right of this page or purchased at Chipola River Book & Tea in Marianna. You can download the brand new Kindle version instantly for only $5.99 by clicking the ad at left.

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