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The Bazzell Murder - 1860

One of the earliest recorded crimes in the Two Egg area was the 1860 murder of William Bazzell. The details surrounding the event remain sketchy, but he is believed to have been the first person buried at the Bazzell Cemetery in Lovedale, a community about three miles northeast of "downtown" Two Egg.

Although the details of what happened are unclear, a reward for the apprehension of two suspects was issued by Governor Madison S. Perry on September 14, 1860. Here is the notice that was published in the Tallahassee Floridian newspaper on October 6, 1860:


$200 Reward

Whereas, Information has been this day filed in the Executive Department that a brutal murder was committed in Jackson County, during the night of the 20th ultimo, on the body of William J. Bazzell, by Daniel O. Neel, and Samuel H. Chisolm, and that they have fled from justice,

Now, therefore, in order that said Neel and Chisolm may be brought to condign punishment, I, Madison S. Perry, Governor of the State aforesaid, and by this my public proclamation, offer TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS reward for the apprehension and delivery of said criminals to the Sheriff of Jackson County.

MEN. – Daniel O. Neel is a middle aged man, about five feet ten inches high, --- black hair, with white lock on the right side of his head; of dark complexion, and heavy countenance, has very penetrating grey eyes, has a scar on his right arm between the wrist and elbow, made by a half ounce bullet, weight about 140 or 145 pounds, and wore at the time of his escape a very heavy beard. He is an Engineer by trade.

Samuel H. Chisolm is about twenty-one years ago, has fair skin prominent nose, blue-eyes, large mouth and dark curly hair; has rather a good countenance, is fine looking, and talks well and freely. Is about six feet high and wighs about 160 pounds, was clean shaven when he escaped.

It Testimony Whereof, I have hereto set my hand and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of the State of Florida. Done at the Capitol, in the city of Tallahassee, this 14th day of September, A.D. 1860.

M.S. Perry,
Governor of Florida.

By the Governor – Attest:
F.L. Villepigue,
Secretary of State.

The Florida Sentinal and Marianna Patriot run four times, and forward bills to the Comptroller’s office for settlement.

September 15, 1860.

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