Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Monster in Two Egg? Residents report seeing the "Two Egg Stump Jumper"

Two Egg, of course, has long been known for its unusual stories, including the tale of how the community got its odd name in the first place.

Witnesses in an area about seven miles northeast of the downtown crossroads, however, are telling a story that may be the strangest yet! They report they are seeing a mysterious creature that locals have taken to calling the Two Egg Stump Jumper!

Described as a "mini" Bigfoot or "hobbit" like creature, the unusual hairy animal has been seen twice by two unconnected eyewitnesses in the area of woods, swamps and ponds about one mile north of the ghost town of Old Parramore. It is said to be smaller than a human, but stands upright and runs on two legs.

The first sighting was at night. An eyewitness reports that he heard strange noises outside his home and went out to investigate, only to be started by the sight of a "pale" upright creature running away on two legs. The second sighting was in early evening and took place at a swampy area not far from Circle Hill Baptist Church. The creature this time was described as "small and standing on two legs, sort of a mini-Bigfoot."

Such stories are not new in Florida. Residents of Central and South Florida have long told of encounters with a small upright creature they call the "Skunk Ape" or "Swamp Ape." They are, however, new to the Two Egg region of Jackson County.

To learn more, please visit our new Two Egg Stump Jumper page at www.twoeggfla.com/monster.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Local Weather now online at TwoEggFla.com!

You can now check local weather information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at http://www.twoeggfla.com/!

Our new weather page is online at www.twoeggfla.com/weather. In addition to current temperatures and winds, you can view the extended forecast for the Two Egg area as well as the current Doppler weather radar and regional temperatures.

We will also add hurricane tracking maps and other useful links and data as we move closer to the beginning of hurricane season in June.

The addition of our new weather page is part of a major expansion of the website that is now taking place. We will soon be adding a Two Egg Recipes page, cemetery and church information and a new store with a variety of Two Egg souvenirs including t-shirts, caps, coffee cups and more!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Two Egg receives first snow in more than a decade!!

The cold rain that had been falling across the Two Egg area most of the day turned to heavy snow flurries at around 3:30 this afternoon. It was the first real snowfall in the community in more than ten years.

The snow continued for more than an hour and a half and forecasters say more is possible as temperatures continue to drop this evening. It was enough to create a dusting on grass and trees in the area, but quickly melted as the snow turned back to rain.

Other nearby communities reported heavier amounts. Students at Baptist College of Florida in Graceville reported heavy snow falling shortly before 3 this afternoon and by 3:30 enough had fallen for good natured snowball fights to break out across the campus. The photo at left was taken in the college's beautiful Heritage Village complex and shows snow accumulating around a restored historic church.

Snow was also reported in Marianna, Greenwood, Malone, Bascom and other communities across the area. To see more photos of the Two Egg snow, please visit www.twoeggfla.com/snow2010.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The History of Jackson County, Florida: The War Between the States is now available

I'm pleased to announce that my latest book, The History of Jackson County, Florida: The War Between the States is now available at Amazon.com. This is Volume 2 of my set on the history of Jackson County.

The book is available for immediate shipping now through Amazon and will be available at Chipola River Book and Tea next week. To order or learn more, just click the ad you see here.

At the time of the Civil War, Jackson County was one of the most prosperous and heavily populated counties in Florida. Its population was evenly divided between free and slave and was the center of a major plantation district. The book focuses on these elements, on the county's contributions to the armies of both the South and the North, on the Battle of Marianna and on less-known events such as the Battles of Port Jackson and Forks of the Creek. There is never before published information on Governor John Milton, the Jackson County resident who served as Florida's Confederate governor, and the appendices includes lists of the soldiers in all units raised in Jackson County during the war.

This is the sequel to Volume One, The History of Jackson County, Florida: The Early Years.

If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment and I'll do my best to get back with you quickly.