Friday, January 18, 2008

Two Egg was once part of Fayette County

It is a little known fact that Two Egg (and all of eastern Jackson County, in fact) was once part of short-lived Fayette County.
Established by act of the Florida Territorial Council in 1832, Fayette County was made up of the sections of present-day Jackson and Calhoun Counties between the Chipola and Chattahoochee/Apalachicola Rivers. The county seat was at Ocheesee, a small town on the Apalchicola River in the northeast corner of what is now Calhoun County. The photograph at right shows Ocheesee Bluff as it appears today.
Fayette County didn't last long. A political maneuver from the beginning, it died out within 8 years and is today remembered as "Florida's Lost County."

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