Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Historic Cowpen Pond Cemetery

I spent some time yesterday visiting the graves of ancestors at Cowpen Pond Cemetery near Dellwood (a few miles south of Two Egg). I was struck once again by what a beauty and peacefulness of this historic cemetery.

Many of Jackson County's earliest settlers are buried here and marked graves date back to the mid-1800s.

Cowpen Pond was a major gathering place for the early settlers of eastern Jackson County. Residents came here for gatherings, political meetings and even militia musters. In the early days of Florida, all male citizens were required to participate in the state militia (today's National Guard) and they gathered regularly to drill and enjoy each other's company.

In 1864, the meeting grounds at Cowpen Pond were selected as the muster point for Captain George Robinson's Company of the Florida Home Guard. This company (sometimes confused with Captain Henry Robinson's Greenwood Club Cavalry) began meeting at Cowpen Pond during the late summer of 1864 and included men from all over eastern Jackson County. A few men from the unit participated in the Battle of Marianna on September 27, 1864, and one was wounded, but most did not reach town in time to take part in the fight.

The cemetery contains the graves of many members of Robinson's company, as well as numerous other soldiers from many different wars.

To reach the historic cemetery, take State Highway 69 south from Two Egg through Dellwood and turn left onto Butler Road south of Dellwood. Watch for the Cowpen Pond Cemetery Road on your right.

I'll post more about Cowpen Pond and some of the important early citizens buried there over coming days.

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