Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Pirate of Two Egg story now online at

The story of William Augustus Bowles is one of the most fascinating aspects of the history of the Two Egg area.

A pirate and adventurer, he operated for a time from a site just 7 miles east of downtown Two Egg and one of his treasures is rumored to be hidden at the "Money Pond" about 12 miles northeast of the crossroads at Two Egg.

Bowles came to the area when it was still a vast wilderness after being kicked out of the British army at Pensacola. He was still just a young teenage boy and was wandering aimlessly in the woods and near starving when he was rescued by a party of Indians from the Lower Creek village of Tellmochesses, one of the Perryman towns that stood 7 miles east of Two Egg near today's Parramore community.

Adopted into the Perryman family, which was descended from the English trader Theophilus Perryman and his Creek wife, Bowles married one of the Perryman daughters and rose to a position of prominence. He led Perryman warriors at the Battle of Pensacola, an important engagement of the American Revolution, and eventually went on to commission a flotilla of pirate ships that operated from the lower Apalachicola River.

Bowles' ships prowled the Gulf of Mexico where they raided Spanish and merchant ships carrying cargoes of goods and slaves. The seized property (and slaves) went upriver to the settlements of the pirate's allies, including the Perryman family, where it was either sold to Indian and white buyers or smuggled into Georgia. It was a lucrative enterprise and resulted in Bowles being celebrated today at Fort Walton Beach's Billy Bowlegs Festival.

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