Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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Just six miles by road east of downtown Two Egg can be found the site of a little known Florida ghost town.

Old Parramore was a riverboat town of the late 19th and early 20th centuries that faded away when the advent of paved highways and expanded rail lines drove the paddlewheel riverboats out of business on the Chattahoochee, Apalachicola and Flint River system. A town that at its height boasted more than 5 stores, a cotton gin, blacksmith shop, post office, gristmill, sawmill and several large turpentine stills faded away and was reclaimed by the forest from which it had been carved.

Today, very little remains other than dirt roads, cemeteries and a few surviving structures to remind visitors that Old Parramore ever existed. From a community of several thousand, it has dwindled down to a rural area populated by a few families.

The history of this old community is quite colorful and dates back for centuries. It was in this area that William Augustus Bowles, pirate and adventurer once roamed and the woods and fields around Parramore were once the lands of Lower Creek Indians led by their chief William Perryman, a veteran of the American Revolution.

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