Friday, February 12, 2010

Two Egg receives first snow in more than a decade!!

The cold rain that had been falling across the Two Egg area most of the day turned to heavy snow flurries at around 3:30 this afternoon. It was the first real snowfall in the community in more than ten years.

The snow continued for more than an hour and a half and forecasters say more is possible as temperatures continue to drop this evening. It was enough to create a dusting on grass and trees in the area, but quickly melted as the snow turned back to rain.

Other nearby communities reported heavier amounts. Students at Baptist College of Florida in Graceville reported heavy snow falling shortly before 3 this afternoon and by 3:30 enough had fallen for good natured snowball fights to break out across the campus. The photo at left was taken in the college's beautiful Heritage Village complex and shows snow accumulating around a restored historic church.

Snow was also reported in Marianna, Greenwood, Malone, Bascom and other communities across the area. To see more photos of the Two Egg snow, please visit

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