Sunday, January 11, 2009

New History of Jackson County now available at

The History of Jackson County, Florida: Volume One is now available for online purchase at The book went into national release this weekend and is now stocked by Amazon and is available for immediate delivery.

This book is volume one of what will eventually be a three volume set on the history of the county. It covers events from the years from before the Civil War and covers topics such as early Spanish missions, the American Revolution in Jackson County, the First and Second Seminole Wars, the Battle of Ekanachatte, Scott's Massacre, the Ghost of Bellamy Bridge, Marianna vs. Webbville, crime and punishment, the Calhoun County War, the Trail of Tears, the early steamboat era and more.

Another recent book -The Early History of Gadsden County - is also now available at


Peter said...

Greetings, Dale and Two Egg followers: I hope your Cox reunion was enjoyable. Do you have any information on the Two Egg or the Parramore reunion to be held on the first weekend in October? I believe you mentioned it to me several months back.
Regards, Jen Parramore in St. Pete

Dale said...

Jen, Good to hear from you! Yes, the annual Oak Grove Homecoming is held on the first Sunday in October at Oak Grove Church in "downtown" Parramore.

This is a reunion held each year to memorialize the people of the old town of Parramore. It is the only time during the year, except for funerals, that the church is used. By the way, I'll be speaking at this year's event.

I also will be releasing a new book, "Old Parramore: The True History of a Florida Ghost Town" at this year's reunion.