Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Historic Preservation near Two Egg

This beautiful structure is the old Dellwood Methodist Church. Founded in 1910 on land donated by Dr. Charles Howell Ryals, the church was constructed of locally milled timber. For many years it was a center of life in the community, which is located only a few miles south of Two Egg on State Highway 69. Over time, however, the church fell into a state of disrepair. A few years ago, however, members of the McMullian family repaired and restored the beautiful old church. Today it stands as a landmark that is well worth seeing.

Dr Ryals, the founder of the church, is buried on the grounds. He is remembered by generations of area residents as one of the last true "country doctors" of Jackson County. He delivered over 5,000 babies during his 50+ year career and traveled the countryside around Two Egg and Dellwood, treating those in need of his assistance without regard to their status in life or ability to pay. He is remembered today as a humanitarian of the rarest type and many Jackson County men were named Charles or Howell or C.H. in his honor.

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